This is the page with the problem;

When I fill out the form, I am directly top my own error page.
I noticed if I change the encoding type to 'multipart/form data' I have the same result. If I change that field to text/plain the form appears to work and I am taken to my success page but when I check my emails, I receive the form results but there is no data there. It says 'Values submitted from web site form: WBI Music Nicola V
IP Address :' and nothing else.

When I double click the form in BV, the form reads;

Form name: WBI_Musicians_Nicola_V
Accept Charset: (This field is blank)
Encoding Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Use built in PHP...... (checked)
Email Address: info@weddingbookersitalia.com
Subject: Contact Information -WBI Musicians Nicola V
Message: Values submitted from web site form: WBI Music Nicola V
Success URL: http://www.weddingbookersitalia.com/success.php
Error URL: http://www.weddingbookersitalia.com/error.php
Write form data to a .csv file: (unchecked)

Pleeeeeease help me. I actually have 4 forms like this (not working) on different pages. It seems to have happened since I changed IP adrress and downloaded the latest version of BV.