Hello to the Forum,

I originally posted this in another thread, but I think this is the best one. I'm having a problem getting a php rss script to work on my site. The script is supposed to retrieve feeds from other sites and display them on mine. The script is from rssfeedreader.com. If a site has php web pages (my site does), then all one has to do is copy and paste the code anywhere on a page & its supposed to work. I did that and nothing appeared on my site. I checked the source code in Firefox & IE, and the script wasn't there. Is there something blocking it? I put in a support ticket Friday to rssfeedreader.com and have yet to get a solution from them. They don't accept phone calls. I really need help. Here is the script they provided:

$olderror_reporting =error_reporting(0);
include("http://rssfeedreader.com/rss.php?phpout=1&key=cdf66a6a7a04d87d865335701790c 3e3&from=".$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] );

Any response will be appreciated.