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Thread: Do we have someone?

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    Question Do we have someone?

    My site is and it is built with the soholaunch builder. I posted a problem in the soho section back in the first part of Oct. I check it often and it has had 70 views but no suggestions on how to solve my problem which is that Google says I have 8 pages not found and and 6 restricted robots plus 0ne page that times out. google also says I have a product page that I don't have.
    I have looked for this info on the site and the cpanel and I don't find it. Can some one tell me why or point me in the right direction. I can't get ranked or listed in google.

    I really need some advise from the forum. Please.

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    Default Re: Do we have someone?

    Eight pages not found means that you have links to pages that are not found or incorrect links to pages that you do have.
    Go to your CPanel open the File Manager. That will show you exactly what you have. You can also access your files by using Blue FTP and view all files on your server.
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