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Thread: Please review my website

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    Default Please review my website

    I run a hotel business and i would like a review on my website

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    Default Re: Please review my website


    When you build your pages did you start at the very left side of the page? To center a page, you build from the left side and then in page properties you click "Center the page'.

    I believe you resized your images by clicking and dragging? Look for PixResizer to resize photos (it's available in the forum). Your image Fay%20NC537%20Exterior%20(2).jpg was scaled from 533x480 to 81x73 but still 'weighs' 101.87 KB. Use PixResizer and it will resize it with a very low weight. This means faster page loading.
    Also, the image names should be all lower case with no spaces (use underscore or dashes between words). And the names should be descriptive.

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    Default Re: Please review my website

    Also make the text in your Glass button linkable also, makes for easy click through of the site. link the text to the same page the button links to.

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    Default Re: Please review my website

    I don't mean to be rude but I would start again. Have a look at your competitors to see how their sites are put together and then give yours some serious thought. First impressions count and if your website is a representation of your hotel, then I would never visit you. You need to practice and work with Bluevoda to get your site looking exactly how you want it.
    Happy Building


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    Agreed. It is presently quite rudimentary and unprofessional ... definitely not the impression that should be made to serious potential customers.
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