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Thread: Images not showing after publishing

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    Default Images not showing after publishing

    Please help
    I have had a main domain and account with VH for over 2 years.
    I have had an add-on domain for over a year with VH,

    Both sites worked fine until last week. I purchase a second add-on domain last week. I added the domain on in cpanel. Could not upload images. The only thing that worked was plain text.

    I went to my other add-on domain (intermezzo) and noticed all images whether they were my images or BV software shapes, word art, clip art also did not work. The only thing that works is plain text and my video (swf file). I deleted the new add-on because I thought something happened due to the newest add-on and couldn't work on the site anyhow. If you preview the intermezzo site it is fine. If I publish it, I get X's where the images are or ? if you are browsing with Safari. I wanted to also mention I have not published anything on this site for about six months. I have in the last day to get rid of all the images that are not displaying but left one to show. I removed all the buttons for the links because all pages are displaying X's.

    If I change the background from an image (won't display) to a color background (BV) and choose gradient, previewing shows gradient but publishing shows a solid color. In the two years I never had one problem with anything.

    I contacted support and am getting the same information for answers.

    This is what I have done:
    ccleaner 2 times
    dns flushing
    reinstalled BV 12.2 (I had the previous version when this started)
    I have not changed any folder names
    I publish to (all files)
    I have the right I.P (obviously)

    My main site is working fine which is

    If you view the intermezzo site it is bare bones right now because it was awful with X's and empty boxes everywhere. If it is my images then why is it some of the BV software stuff also doing the same thing? There was a menu, and 8 images and an imaged background. I did remove all of it. If I reload images (jpegs), the same thing happens as well as anything that is an image within BV. Help :( what have I done or haven't done or got screwed up?

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    Default Re: Images not showing after publishing

    Support fixed it. Thank you voda support! I guess they renamed the .htaaccess file.

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