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    Hi my name is Neil, i run a small company in the U.K. that recycles & re-sells used I.T. equipment called - Used-IT
    I have just finished building my site useing Blue Voda, please have a look and let me know wht you think...

    (even if you don`t like it...)



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    Did you resize the images by clicking on the sides and dragging? Your image 'Notebook' shows to be 400px x 400px scaled to 114px x 114px. Resizingthis way can lead to poor images plus the weight of the image remains the same. There is a free program available from the forum called PixResizer. You merely open the image and enter the size you want and then save it. You can adjust the % of dots to take out - and using 65% does not affect the image looks. Your image Notebook.jpg is 57 KB. I ran it thru PixResizer to make it 114X114 and it is now only 2.74 KB. This can mean quicker loading of your pages.

    I forgot to mention: I like the look of your site, colors, centered...Good job for being new.

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    Looks good Neil. Pages load really fast .You can't buy on the site though. It looks as if you should be able to, you are even showing payment options at the foot of the pages. Your missing an opportunity there and I think in this day and age visitors would expect to buy on-line. Gem up on SEO, plenty of stuff to read on these boards. Your page titles could be a bit more descriptive and make sure the keywords you use in your meta actually appear in the page content as well.All the best!
    Happy Building


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    Looking good! You have something on your home page that is giving side scroll. If you open your home page in BV, & press Ctrl+A to highlight everything, you will see what it is. Its next to the city link van image.

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    Quite clean and balanced! Be sure to update it regularly, especially when using seasonal images or posting dated content.
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