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    My Name is Neil and i run Used-IT, i had a web host in the U.K. but didn`t have any experience in Web Design at all, i really wanted a quick and easy to use web design software that i could build a site in a short space of time without spending a fortune on software that i didnt really know how to use.

    I searched google for "build a website in 30 mins" and came accross BlueVoda, and without any background in web design i was able to create and maintain a site that i am very hapy with for a fraction of the cost.

    Thanks again Blue Voda.


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    Hi Neil! My friends and I are actually planning on creating a website for a small business venture online. I was asked by one of my bosses to write an article about how to create websites with great quality. As I was researching, I came across bluevoda, I got curious and now I'm really starting to explore bluevoda but haven't really purchased it. Do you think bluevoda is the right tool to invest? I'm not a techy person so I'm hoping someone here could help me out.

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