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Thread: Theme will/will not install

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    Default Theme will/will not install

    I do not know if anyone can help.

    I have installed a particular theme (purchased) on one Vodahost site and it has worked. I have used the theme with another host that I also have and it has worked. I have tried to install the theme on a client's site (I had her choose Vodahost instead of the other host I also use) and it will not install. This is what I get

    Could not create directory. /public_html/wp-content/themes/toolbox/
    Theme install failed.

    I have promised this theme to my client (it already worked for me) so I hope someone has some idea what the problem may be.


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    Default Re: Theme will/will not install

    If you are attempting to add the Theme via the Theme Manager panel properly, it may be:
    1. You have not fully (or properly) extracted the Theme prior to uploading;
    2. The Theme is not compatible with the version of Wordpress to which it is being loaded;
    3. The Add-On Domain (or Primary Domain) directory is not being properly specified during uploading if manual);
    4. The WP platform itself is partially corrupted;
    5. Permissions have been improperly changed.

    If it is a Fantastico installation to which you are working with, there is no reason you should not be using the auto-load feature for themes and other tools from within the Admin Dashboard itself, which pretty much eliminates any chance for User Error to complicate things.

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