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Thread: Saving my web page after changing pictures.

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    Default Saving my web page after changing pictures.

    I have been trying to update pictures on my "Available" Page but when I try to save it using 'save page as', save page or even just "X" out of it; it asked me if I want to replace the "Available" and I click yes. Immediately I get a box that says page NOT saved. This has never happened before and I am stumped. Can you please help.

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    Cyndy DeVore

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    Default Re: Saving my web page after changing pictures.

    Save the new page with a different name - something like adding a '01' or something to the end of the page name. Then go into your computer and change the name of your original page - maybe add an 'x' to name. Then open the new page - '...01; and you should be able to 'save as' the original page name.
    Every once in a while this happens to me and this has worked so far.
    ex: save new 'pagename' as 'pagename_01'
    Go to File Manager and Rename 'pagename' as 'xpagename'
    Open 'pagename_01' in BV and save as 'pagename' - then publish

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