Most of my sites have a menu in an iframe. Until BV 12.2 anything under the transparent menu was clickable. (see - the list of bookmarks on the page near the top left is covered by the menu, but these items are still clickable.

I've recently altered and republished the menu on, and found to my horror that nothing under the menu was clickable - this includes bookmarks, facebook links and worst of all, any adverts. I had to resize the menu and rearrange all the pages so that people could use the site. I can't point you to an example of it not working, as I didn't want to leave it that way.

What has changed in BV 12.2 that keeps the menu page transparent, but stops links being clickable underneath? Is there anything I can do to change this? I'm just about to update another couple of menus, and don't really want to have to rearrange all the pages!