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Thread: trademark symbol problems

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    Question trademark symbol problems

    The trademark symbol "tm" shows as the letter a (with the umlaut dots above it) when i view published pages with either Chrome or Safari. Is there a more universal character set that displays the tm better with different browsers??



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    Cool Re: trademark symbol problems

    Good Lord! Whatever is going on?

    Arial, Verdana, and Tahoma are the 3 most standard, web-safe fonts across all browsers and systems.

    You can INSERT SYMBOL via BV using the Commands being sure to select one of the above fonts first in the Font Selector Drop-Down, or (lesser choice, as it will inherit formatting created by Word) copying and pasting the web-safe font based symbol directly from Word ... into a single BV Textbox all by itself as the best way to singularly preserve formatting (since there is thus only one font style per textbox, and only the single symbol that is not affected by any other character or formatting). Once properly inserted solely into a BV Textbox, you can adjust the symbol's 'font size' as desired using the normal methods.

    The symbols are usually strategically placed around/near visual or textual marks anyway, so you should not have any issue whatsoever in using the freedom of positioning this single-symbol Textbox wherever desired, taking full advantage of the "layer" ability to achieve a precise layout.

    This single-symbol textbox method will eliminate any "translation" or defaulting of unrecognized fonts typically performed by browsers, providing they have been created using one of the universally web-safe fonts suggested above.

    If necessary as a last resort, simply create your own text-based "symbol" without using a SuperScript formatted version: simply select your web-safe font and enter "TM" into it's own textbox, re-sizing it to the proper size required and even experimenting with Bold or Regular font.
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