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    Default Navigation bar not showing

    HI my web site is

    for some unknown reason my navigation bar words are not showing up , they have been working for ages and i haven't changed anything so i dont know why they have disappeared. so i have changed a few things on the home page just to make sure they were publishing ok and all the little changes i did and they were all ok. i have deleted the navigational bar and put it back and the words are still not there. please help thank you in advance debby

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    Default Re: Navigation bar not showing

    Hello Debby

    I visited your site a few minutes ago. I used FF 10.1
    The words in the menu bar (HOME, NEW LISTING, PROPERTIES, etc) DO show up and work OK. What is the problem you are having with them?
    Other than that, please recheck the boxes for "Vista Bella Golf Resort" and "FM Car Hire". The titles are displayed in two rows and overlap the text beneath.

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    Lightbulb Re: Navigation bar not showing

    If you are using BV12, each page must be re-published after making dynamic element changes to that element: for instance, changes to a dynamic Menu that is shared by all pages in a site is done best making changes starting on the 'index' page to then be placed on each subsequent page using the COPY + PASTE icons (not the Toolbar Commands) due to the way the new WC3-compliant coding in BV12 deals with CSS page positioning and "ordering" ... and then each published page-by-page. You cannot use "Save Page As" method to "copy" a page formatting to create a new page anymore: you must use either CLONE or the COPY + PASTE Icon method instead.

    This also means the "PHP Include" method no longer works properly with the new BV coding, so using the "Single Page PHP Menu" and other scripts like LightBox and Gallery are also adversely affected with regard to positioning and/or "order" (text or Menus may appear over a LightBox display, for example).

    If your pages rely heavily on these elements, you are better off not upgrading to BV12 and instead reverting back to the last issue prior to the new coding (as long as your IP is still on the Publish Dialog Menu).
    *Be sure to download a copy of this earlier version of BV in a folder of it's own that can be saved separately from any BV installation, and from which after downloading you can COPY FILE to your Desktop to extract and install from (keeping the original copy separate and safe).

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