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    Is it possible to use bluevoda to set up a website that uses tabs to navigate between the main pages on the website? eg if the website had 5 pages 5 tabs would appear on each page. If this can be done can you point me in the right direction as to how to do it? Many thanks.

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    You have a wide choice of Menu Navigation methods to choose from - including tabbed - each with a different layout and options, but all navigation must be individually created for each page. There is no way in BlueVoda to create a "globally populated" item: each page needs be manually created (and linked) individually.

    From the BlueVoda Toolbar: INSERT > NAVIGATION > TABBED

    * Since the new coding of BV12 has issues with the "order" of elements on pages, you should only use the COPY + PASTE or the CLONE method to duplicate your navigation across all your pages rather than the SAVE PAGE AS method.
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