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Thread: Pages not publishing properly!

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    I am new to the forums, so I am very sorry, if I have put this in the wrong place!

    It has come to my attention, that, for some reason, my pages are not publishing properly.
    What I mean is, lets say I change the font on a page and publish it, it stays the same! However when I change the content (images, and small text), that changes.

    Also the images are getting swapped around. For instance, the header picture changes, with one of the shapes.

    I contacted the support team, and they asked me to put this in the forums.

    Thank you,


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    Sorry-no answer from me...just..
    Similar problem here today. Made some changes, published (successfully) like always, cleared the cache, but the changes do not show up. Some of the incorrect text is not even something I ever entered in that spot!

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    Default Re: Pages not publishing properly!

    How to ask for assistance

    If you follow the Forum Rules by providing your Domain or site URL, it would make it easier to determine if you are publishing to the correct assigned IP in the first place!

    But, since that is not possible, one must assume that you in fact are publishing to the correct IP and urges the suggestion for you to review the following threads to see which best applies to your issue:
    > Help My Browser is Caching
    > How to Flush Your DNS *My Personal Suggestion ...
    . VodaWebs....Luxury Group
    * Success Is Potential Realized *

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