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Thread: Go to special offer page script

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    Default Go to special offer page script

    Hello I have a sales page which offers a product at price $33.99
    In the event of the visitor leaving without clicking in the "Buy Now" button on my sales page
    but instead clciking to leave the sales page without buying - I would like the visitor to be automatically
    redirected to my special offer page which I have built.
    Do I need a special script for this?
    If so who would help me with this please?
    Thank you

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    Default Re: Go to special offer page script

    > How to ask for assistance

    Actually, you are in violation of Forum Rules by creating a third Forum Identity (you are also JMM, and the same Hans from South Africa who has previously run afoul in the VodaTalk Forums using "start living")
    As such, you will be banned, and are unwelcome to return.

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    > also
    > also
    > also

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