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Thread: PayPal pages or sub domain?

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    Default PayPal pages or sub domain?

    I already have a website for my sewing services business (which just outlines what I do) ; but I want to sell items that I make (fabric creations) as well. I had an account with Big Commerce but decided to cancel it. I really like BV (been with you guys since 2007). Not to mention the cost of BC. And I know how to go about building a store w/o using any of your carts (just going with PayPal for right now).

    So, my question is: should I create an add-on domain, separate domain or can I just add pages to my current site along with new navigation for my store? Don't want to get into issues with SEOs and such. Since my e-store will only sell things I make myself, I doubt that I'll have more then 100 items at any given time - probably more like 50 (at least until I retire my sewing services business and can donate more time to making things). I just want to keep this simple and my current site has been around long enough so that it gets good billing with the SE's.

    Hope this was clear enough. Thanks for your input.


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    Default Re: sub domain or not?

    You've already made the case for simply adding PayPal to new pages to your existing site, making your post obviously redundant!
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    Alright. Have a good day!

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