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Thread: My new site and my first forum

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    Question My new site and my first forum

    Hello all. I think my new site is now pretty much ready for review from my piers, You.

    I have also had a crack at building my first forum and I would love to hear your thoughts on both.


    Forum: (there is a link to the forum on PetCareCover home page)

    Thanks in advance for the heads up.


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    Default Re: My new site and my first forum

    I think the forum is much too dark in color, and is a drastic contrast to the site and the entire "look and feel" that needs be provided for continuity .... I would Search for another more like-colored theme, and I am sure you will find one amongst all the free themes available ...
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    Glendene--You obviously put a lot of good work into your site---At first I thought you may have put too much on the page but not so---the menus and such a very well done--the twitter/facebook clump tends to bother me but that's just a personal thing--I especially like the brightness of it and the picture of the poor guy with his paw in a bandage is terrific--also--the whole idea of pet insurance intrigues me to no end--I have two big guys of my own( can you tell I'm a dog lover? lolol
    I think very well and very professionally done--Bravo--I think you are ready to launch--good luck and great success!!!!

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    Default Re: My new site and my first forum

    I think the colors you chose do not compliment each other. Yes you want to draw attention to a particular area of the forum, but the yellow is overload.... everything is yello with the dark background. Like looking at the sun and going blind. Use the way this forum is set up... Not hard on the eyes when reading simple direct flow from topic to topic. My eyes kept bouncing to a different section as I was reading the topics. Draw your customers towards the center of the page which is where their eyes will be devoted towards where you have the information they are searching for. Light background then a shade dareker of greyscale to a dark topic is quite the norm for a forum.

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