Hi; We have recieved several comments and questions regarding a few of the functions of the BlueVoda website builder, version 12+. These have featured in the VodaSupport help-desk requests as well as here in the VodaTalk community forum.

We've been working closely with our software developers and thoroughly conducting our own internal tests referencing the mail we have received. We have arrived at a few solutions for our customers to try.

Below you will find some troubleshooting information with regards the BlueVoda Form Builder and Form Wizard. You can find further common:

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BlueVoda Form Builder and Form Wizard

Common Problems: "My form does not work!", "My form does not correctly redirect to my success/error pages", "My form submits only an IP address to me"

Solutions: "The BlueVoda Form Wizard works correctly (and we have tested it!) however you should be aware that often the Form problems are due to the user adding invalid HTML code to the start of the page. This stops PHP and therefore the form does not work correctly. You should always watch the tutorials first.

ESSENTIAL: USERS SHOULD ONLY ADD CODE TO THE START OF THE PAGE IF THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING! THE START OF THE PAGE (BEFORE YOUR FIRST <HTML> TAG) IS FOR PHP CODE ONLY! We have found several users who have added the Google Analytics script code to the start of their pages and this destroys the forms ability to process and send the information. If you are adding Google Analytics code PLEASE add it correctly, at the end of your HTML content, just before your </BODY> tag.

Where the User has received only an IP in their Inbox from a form submission, this error is caused by error log levels. The user can disable errors like this by adding error_reporting(0); to the start of the page (but be careful! Remember what I said about code at the beginning of the page).

Where the user is not being directed to their success and error pages they should check the configuration of their form. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ACTUALLY PUBLISHED YOUR SUCCESS AND ERROR PAGES before you create your form, make sure the filenames are web safe and ALL-LOWER CASE (for example: http://www.mydomain.com/success.html and

ALWAYS make sure that the names of the files that you use are valid and web-safe. Always make sure that when you create a page with object and elements, that you select: "Publish all files" when it becomes time to publish
. ALWAYS make sure you are publishing files to the correct directory (folder)"

Please click the following for a video tutorial on the easy and fast BlueVoda Form Wizard
Please click the following for video tutorials on the BlueVoda website builder.

We're always excited about ways to improve the BlueVoda website builder and to ensure that our customers are building the very best websites on the Internet. Please do not hesitate to reply to this thread or post in the VodaTalk forum if you have any comments or questions whatsoever.