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Thread: adding site counter

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    Question adding site counter

    Howdy- Anyone able to tell me how to add counters to my website?- Many thanks

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    Default Re: addding counters

    Do a web search for page counters using your search engine on your browser. The copy the code and paste it in a HTML box on your BlueVoda page. You can also view stats on your control panel, use Awstats key to go see them.

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    Lightbulb Re: addding counters

    Seriously? Adding a Counter to your site is so 1990's, so very unprofessional, and not only allows 3rd party scripting that often has undesired script attached that either perpetuates unwanted advertising, or which may also contain malicious scripting that could threaten Visitors and result in your Domain being flagged and labeled a danger and subsequently de-listed.

    There are far more detailed and useful data metrics available to you for free by accessing AWStats in your cPanel.

    AWStats is by far the most useful statistical tool that will not only "count" visits to a page, but will provide underlying data to help you optimize your site entirely. It will tell you which page visitors hit most, whether they continue to drill in or if they abandon from a particular page most, and many other useful insights to help you better organize the page or develop the Content engagement aspect. In AWStats you will see the difference between real visitors and simple page hits, whereas using a counter you cannot tell a person from a bot. Important things like this should not be overlooked ... and the breakdown in AWStats is quite detailed. Counters don't do this ... they simply count whenever "something" arrives on the index page. AWStats can tell you this, and so much more.

    And, you already have it ... "built in" ... for free.

    Passing along instructions on how to add a Site Counter is no real help, and almost an insult (allowing a peer to go forth thinking something so poor would suffice without the opportunity of learning more or using the tools that would serve him better longer).
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    Default Re: adding site counter

    Great to know this! Thank you.

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