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    Hi, I am not a software writer. Which is why I love Bluevoda. I can be as creative as I want. I am interested in developing an app for a mobile phone, particularily a BlackBerry. I figure I will make the app for the Blackberry PLaybook and the new Blackberry 10 phones that come out. I have read that for this new OS the apps can be created using any IDE or test editor you prefer. I prefer Bluevoda. Can I use Bluevoda for this? And if so, how? I have seen in the Page Properties menu, there is the option for an ****** target screen size. Does this simply mean to make a website for a mobile webbrowser, and it just happens to say ******, but really it means any mobile phone?

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    No, you cannot use BlueVoda to do this whatsoever.
    BlueVoda is a HTML generator (generating specifically unique and encrypted web page HTML), not an HTML "editor."

    It sounds like you yet need to discover far more knowledge and to develop a much wider skillset that is required to create an APP.

    You do know that an APP is written for a specific function rather than as a means for universal usability, correct?
    In other words (and within the context of your website and normal premise), you would write an APP to allow your following (congregation, membership) to possibly Search and Download/Play a recorded Sermon or Choir performance, and not as s substitute for a MOBI site specifically formatted for viewability and use for Visitors using devices, even though the expansion of next generation OS for both iOS and ANDROID has already leveled the field even so far as to fully functionalize Flash displays on most “Smart” phones, tablets, and iBooks.

    Having cleared up the distinctions and it is still a site display issue, you should consider looking closely to creating a MOBI site to better provide your Visitors with the optimal view of your offerings as explained here > Create MOBI Webs With Blue Voda

    If you have this understanding of APPs and have determined that this is what you are seeking and have already outlined your APP functions, I would suggest you limit your distribution to simply your already developed User Base so you can distribute it as a Free Feature that is available directly from your own website, thus you will not need to fund the inclusion to one of the App Stores that charge fees and require a significant financial investment up-front.

    Using your properly outlined App Plan, and to keep the process simplified and cognizant, I suggest you use one of the Free App Developer Tools to create your APP with that is one of the more easy-to-use tools >

    Of course, there are many more available for free if you do a Search, but this will prove to be one of the more reliable tools I can suggest.

    Good luck in your APP development, and be sure to let us know how things turned out!
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