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    Default Using Coppermine

    I'm having a little trouble using Coppermine. I have uploaded Coppermine to the server from cPanel and have all the photos on my computer, where and how do I upload the photos to view on my site?

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    Default Editing Coppermine


    I was wondering if anyone knows how to do any of the following:

    1. Display all collections on one page, instead of 12 per page
    2. Display more photos per page, e.g. 50 per page rather than 12
    3. Make thumbnails larger instead of their small size

    I created Coppermine through cPanel so I'm not sure how I can edit any of the design features like these so any help would be fantastic.

    Gary Hunter

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    Default Re: Using Coppermine

    If you cannot use the official Support resources mentioned, you can always do a Google Search to find other possible solutions you can use. As noted when you installed Coppermine via Fantastico, VodaHost does not offer additional Support for this script other than what is provided directly from Coppermine.

    The same goes for the alternative Photo Gallery script also available for free auto-installation in Fantastico, JAlbum, which may be a valid consideration for using instead, as the choice of "skins" (layout, styles formatting) appears to be much wider than Coppermine.

    Rather than trying to re-write the Coppermine code, you will likely find the format you desire (called a "skin") offered by JAlbum, which is an image tool you can auto-install free via theFantastico section in your VodaHost Hosting Control Panel. The free version auto-installed via Fantastico has no ads, but is labeled with the JAlbum logo. Still, even with the JAlbum logo, it is a very slick look and worthy of consideration to install via Fantastico.
    * Be sure to explore the wide choices of very cool slideshows and gallery display styles JAlbum offers in this section.

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