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Thread: Ad Banner not working now

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    Default Ad Banner not working now

    Hello Folks,
    One for the techies out there.
    I have a website that I have recently updated
    I was having problems initially with links not updating the new styles. I tried the following
    • Updated to latest Bluevoda 12 version (release 11/11/2011) - didn't help
    • Flushed Cache multiple times including viewing on mobile phone - didn't help
    • Finally I changed a setting in the Tools/Options menu (actually tried a variety as their are new features in the latest version of BV) - WORKED!

    Brilliant so I cracked the links issue but now my Ad Banners are no longer rotating.
    In preview mode this works fine.
    When I publish the Ad Banner DOES NOT ROTATE! (image on the lower right side of pages)
    If I try rolling back the page using another PC with an older version or BV this works fine.
    But for love nor money can I get the new version to upload and work correctly.
    I have:
    • Uninstalled BV and reinstalled
    • Tried all combinations in the Tools/Options settings
    • Deleting all files on the host server and re-uploaded ( multiple times with above combinations)
    • All images have unique names
    • Added new pages with dummy data and images
    • Tried different browsers
    • Shaken my fists!

    In Firefox I can see if I use the "Inspect element with Firebug" the following message under the ERROR tab "$("#RotatingImage1").slideshow is not a function"
    It appears as if it's a javascript problem. The Rollover function works fine though.

    I can get it to work if I use the HTML code <? include 'banner.html'; ?> and upload the Ad Banner as a separate .html file though I have different Ad Banners for various pages and don't think that I should have to go down this path.

    Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated


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    Default Re: Ad Banner not working now

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    Default Re: Ad Banner not working now

    Quote Originally Posted by Vasili View Post
    Hello Vasili,

    I've read this explanation and unfortunately it doesn't apply. All images are .jpg and the Ad Banner worked prior to upgrading to Version 12.2

    Thanks anyway

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