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Thread: Please review my new web site!

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    Default Please review my new web site!

    Please give me any suggestion or advice for my new site

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    Default Re: Please review my new web site!

    1. You will be running the risk of being flagged as 'non-compliant' by the Search Engines for your site being far wider than current standards (current standard is no wider than 982 pixels wide).
    2. You might wish to use a 'Shape' set to bottom or some other means to establish a "page" effect with visible margins, as this helps Visitor legibility and reading comprehension, along with enhances overall visual appeal.
    3. Once the page is made smaller and conforms to web standards, and is more 'defined' by using a Shape or some other means to establish a border, be sure to select "Center this page horizontally in browser" in PAGE PROPERTIES for best display for Visitors.
    4. Whenever possible, avoid using Bold Text, opting instead to make the Font size large enough to read easily.

    These are the first things that stood out to me ...
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    Default Re: Please review my new web site!

    Text is clear and well written.

    A couple of things:

    1) Paintings page: you should resize the pictures. They are taking too much time to load.

    2) Title of the landing page: Black Jack Adventures. Why not using some of your keywords in it? This is very important when you do your SEO. You should use a couple of your keywords here. How people look for you? Looking for activities at "Ozark Mountains and historic Eureka Springs Arkansas" ?
    Why not something lilke: Black Jack Adventures - great fun (or time) at the Ozark Mountains.

    Find out first which ones are your main keywords and optimize each page accordingly.

    Good luck!

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