Hello Vasili,

Thanks for the good info below. I have a long white "Add To Cart" button on my main index page at: paralleltime.com

I deleted the original one I had there, because it started to load very slowly onto the main Index page at: paralleltime.com

I put a new Pay Pal symbol in its place, but still had irregular problem with this Pay Pal symbol loading on the main Index page. Sometimes the Pay Pal symbol will come up, after too long a wait, and sometimes what comes up instead is a log horizontal red bordered rectangular outline of a box that extends to the right well beyond the border for this Pay Pal symbol on the main page. Refreshing the page does not help. I have uploaded the Main Index page several times to try and correct this problem and made certain the Pay Pay borders for its symbol are within the box it rest in so there is no overlaping. I tried providing an extra apace at the right side of the border markers to see it this would help. I then deleted the Pay Pal symbol again, created a new background box, placed another Pay Pal symbol inside it and made sure this linked symbol for Pay Pal was kept in front of the background box, and then uploaded the Main Index page again. It seems to have fixed the problem but it make show up again as it did once before all this fix-it efforts. Do you have any suggestions for making sure this is a stable Pal Pal image with link? Hope you understand what I talking about here. Let me know if you don't and thanks.

R. Scott Lemriel

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When using blocks of text in BolueVoda, it is simply best that you use smaller blocks of text so they do not pose potential issues when viewed cross-browser, all the while being sure to maintain some of the basics ...

1. Always use "web-safe" fonts to assure universal viewability across the many User systems and the different browsers Visitors use to view your pages, as most browsers will automatically substitute fonts not on the User's system with another that closely resembles the one you used, and with that substituted font comes substituted formatting. *Even though it may appear to be the same font, it is likely more than 50% of the time substituted and the main reason text does not appear as originally designed (dropping a line, etc.) ... Web-safe fonts include Arial, Tahoma, Helvetica, Times Roman, and Comic Sans. If you absolutely must use an "unsafe" Font, create it instead using the Logomaker, so it is then actually an image and not subject to the same Text Rules (and as an image, also unable to be 'read' or assigned value by any Search Engine -- which is why most use this method only for Headers, Logos, or non-essential Headlines within text areas).
2. Always add an extra 'space' after the last text character in your Text Block, including after any period, so the text does not "reform" to self-adjust to the normalcy any style of formatting may compel it to do: often without an extra 'space' added (use the spacebar on your keyboard to add the 'space'), sometimes lines of text will tend to re-conigure spacing requirements and either add another line or mimic line-and-a-half spacing.
3. When creating Text Blocks to mimic Text Wrap (where you specifically create sized text boxes to contain text when 'surrounding' an image or wrapping around another element), be sure you do not overlap the margins of the Text Box too much (as in thinking to add a blank line at the top to better 'register' the Box closer to another), and this will not only affect the ability to layer images, but will also affect formatting of the box underneath the top-most and potentially be seen as an added extra line.
4. Be sure your Text Box has proper margins side-to-side for the text being used, and that each line of text is "hard-spaced" to the next line rather than the result of 'flow': to advance text to the line under, use the Enter button and do not rely on the natural Text Flow formatting .... this way, your Text is positioned precisely and definitively without relying on any formatting that can be affected by any other outside influence.

If you double-check your actual Box Margins so that they allow the text which has been "hard spaced" to fit including the added extra "space" at the end, you will likely see your Text not reforming across multiple browsers any more (as they always "interpret" the formatting differently, and the simpler you keep it being "hard-coded" the more likely it is to display the same).