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Thread: Simple YouTube video Jukebox

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    Default Simple YouTube video Jukebox

    (my [this] post yesterday was deleted for some reason..?..posting again.)

    After inserting a YouTube widget I would like to change the currently playing video by
    clicking on one of two thumbnail image under the YouTube widget.

    Ideally a new video would start playing in the player without the whole player being reloaded
    (which causes it to disappear and is q little ugly/distracting).

    I'm thinking there is a way to change the youtube url passed to the SwfObject but I do not know how.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Default Re: Simple YouTube video Jukebox

    Hello ash,

    Using 3 YouTube widgets, 2 pictures, and 2 buttons may work.
    1 YouTube player can be set to 'autoplay' but remember to turn that property off on the other 2 players.
    A button beneath each picture should be configured by adding 3 Events to each:
    onclick-Show-Youtube2 (or 3)
    onmousemove-Hide-YouTube2 (and 3)

    Good luck


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    Default Re: Simple YouTube video Jukebox


    Btw, my post disappeared because apparently, I was banned until the end of eternity (according to the message I got :)
    I didn't even realise I was banned, but I think it was because I had the name 'voda' in my username.
    I re-registered and used the current username.


    Your suggestion looks like ite could work but I fear it wil result in the disappearing/flashing video area every time you change video. I know it can be done with SWFOBJECT but not sure if it works on all browsers (FF, Chrome,IE).

    I'm still hunting for a simple stable solution that works globally..

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    Question Re: Simple YouTube video Jukebox

    What is your Domain, or a website hosted in a VodaHost Hosting Account?

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    Default Re: Simple YouTube video Jukebox

    Hi Vasili,
    I'm afraid I do not yet have a website or hosting plan with BlueVoda.
    I am currently evaluating with respect to that decision.
    I only re-registered to comply with the warning message that I could not use 'voda' in my username (which was done out of innocence).

    Nonetheless, if I am banned then I suppose that will cease my evaluation and interest in BV.

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    Default Re: Simple YouTube video Jukebox

    If you have further questions specific to how things work on BlueVoda, post in the Pre-Sales forum. Children's Ministry resources
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