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Thread: can I add space between the drop down menu segments?

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    Default can I add space between the drop down menu segments?

    I'm biting the bullet and switching my navigation from what I call buttons to a drop down menu on

    I like the spacing I had with the buttons. I've created a drop-down menu and published it as I've pulled on the corners and sides but can't get the block of bars to expand or separate in either the vertical or horizontal position.

    Can I create a drop-down menu in a larger size? With some air between the bars?

    I appreciate any help with this.

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    Default Re: can I add space between the drop down menu segments?

    Add empty spaces both in front of your Menu entry and after it (via the spacebar on your keyboard) to add "padding" to your Text. Unfortunately, you cannot otherwise customize the "block" aspect in the style of Menu you have selected ....

    For much more customization, try instead a "Sliding" Drop-Down Menu that has no dividing bars or "block" outline unless you choose to define this via the Properties of that Menu selection.
    From the BV Toolbar: INSERT > NAVIGATION > MENU BAR > Double-click to open PROPERTIES > Leave Defaulted Selection as "Horizontal" > click STYLE tab > Leave defaulted "User Defined" > and then you can individually customize every aspect of the Menu Bar by clicking on each attribute to open the Property Selection of each (background color, outline, font, mouseover transitions, etc.) .... and again, when adding each Menu Item, you can enter blank spaces in front of and behind each entry to "space" or "pad" each Item to uniformly present.
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