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Thread: How to prevent images being copied/downloaded?

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    Default How to prevent images being copied/downloaded?

    I'm still in the process of building my website and as such don't have a domain name yet as it's simply not ready to be published yet. I hope someone can still answer my question which is: how can I prevent someone from copying/downloading/saving the images on my website? I want to set up a website for my photography business but am worried about people stealing my images.

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    Default Re: How to prevent images being copied/downloaded?

    You can't. There is not a single 'right-click-deny' script, format (Flash, etc.), image shield, or tool that cannot be circumvented easily by anyone with half a brain, so unless you sufficiently Watermark, Register, or otherwise specially format your images to definitively identify your proprietary interest to them, it might be better if you not publish them online at all.

    Another thread you might find useful > Copyright Protection
    PS: US Copyright Law allows you to Register many photos as a single Gallery​ (or "Collection"), to constitute a Copyright as a "volume" of work being published (i.e. online gallery, or even as a 'website' being the "collection" itself entirely), thus saving you some money and logistical befuddlement ... still, enforcement is up to you to have a foundation of claim in place and to initiate according to prescribed methods.
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