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    I have placed some paypal buttons (from the blue voda menu bar) on my web site. I have included a "Succesful Payment" URL that will then send my customer to another web page where they can download the program that I am selling. For some reason none of my customers (245) have been redirected to the web page after payment. I then get an email stating they were not redirected to the page to download the program. I send them the same link that is on my "Successful Payment" and they have no problem downloading the program.

    Is there something I am missing in being able to redirect customers to another web page after payment? This applies to all 3 paypal buttons I have on the page.

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    You are better off customizing PayPal button code directly on the PayPal site rather than using the BV Built-In method: it is much more assurable to deliver traffic to a specific page reliably, IMO.

    And, just to be sure yourself, key in the "Successful Payment" page URL into your browser and visit the page to see if it is in fact published and online as ought to be. Many times people forget to actually publish the page along with the other BV pages they create.

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