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Thread: Items in backup of MySQL database--how to confirm?

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    Question Items in backup of MySQL database--how to confirm?

    I have just downloaded (via cPanel > Backups) a backup of the MySQL database for one of my Wordpress sites hosted on Voda. I'm hoping that it includes not only the database but also all the core files, images, plugins, and other files on the site. How can I confirm whether it has all those items?

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    Default Re: Items in backup of MySQL database--how to confirm?

    When in doubt, refer to the detailed "migration" instructions offered on the Official Wordpress website.

    Here is the list
    of all the files that are in your DB that are backed up, and other links to resources to manage your backups.

    Additionally, these resources should prove useful.

    Regardless, these Forums are not the place to find definitive help for your Wordpress issues ... always refer to the Wordpress Forums.
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