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Thread: PHP Help 4 newbie

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    Default PHP Help 4 newbie

    I have a zip file that was sent to me when I open it there's another folder (same name), I double click that and then shows up "index.html", and a PHP file how in the world do I open it?

    When I double click PHP file notepad opens with a bunch of codes... please help I'm dumb when it comes to stuff like this.

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    What are you trying to do, publish a website that someone sent you pages for? Maybe customize a Template pack?

    Look in the folders for ".txt" file, which should be Notes and/or instructions on how to deal with the files sent. If not finding any 'help' along with the ZIPfile, you should first refer to the originator to find any Support they may offer.

    In any event, these are not the Forums to ask for assistance for any product or project not proprietary to BlueVoda or VodaHost, so if you're not a validated VodaHost hosting client, you might be better off doing a Google Search for "free php coding help" or "free template customization help" to find another resource if none is available from the original source of your files ...

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