Hi is there anyway I can edit the combobox or instead use the menubars to work in conjuction with paypal. My website is themed black. The fonts are mostly white. The problem I am having is this. When I use the the customized paypal button, the combobox looks bad, Especially on other browsers. At the moment I have got it to work ok, but when you scroll down it automatically selects a blue hover background and the arrow/scroll I do not like. This is not in keeping with my website design. Also the shipping method does not work too well. For instance if a user wants to select a size he can. That leaves them with one other option left in paypal. So if I want to add shipping I can, but I cannot add another option like for instance International shipping. All buyers will get the same shipping price. I know I can add a button with these options direct from paypal, but these options look terrible. Firstly there is the white background with black text and the outdated looking arrow/scroll. I am not that good with html etc and I do not want to use another cart unless it fits straight onto my pages on bluevoda and is fully editable by me. I am quite happy to use paypal on my site I just want to be able to A use a combobox that is black on all browsers with arrow/ scroll = just a simple white arrow. With no background colours on hover except black. Just the selection text hover light grey. And B Maybe add more options to paypal options like International shipping etc.
If the latter is too much to accomplish I am quite happy with just the combobox issues fixed. Can someone point me in the right direction? I would also consider just a simple cart with drop down menu/selectbox that is in keeping with my website design and can be added to each page. The scrollbar/arrows is causing the most distress. How much would it cost for a simple request?? I am even happy to offer free shipping as long as the drop down combobox is in keep with design. Also may I add that I would need it editable to change colours and font sizes/colours. I have done a little bit of css so is there any options that anybody knows of and if it will cost how much is it?
I must also add it would be good with a simple white border at stationary and at dropdown at 1px
Thanks in anticipation.