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Thread: Recovering traffic after Hijacked site problem resolved

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    Default Recovering traffic after Hijacked site problem resolved

    Hey folks, a couple months ago it seems my site was hijacked (I found out because my traffic all of a sudden dropped to almost nothing one day; Google had threw me out of their rankings due to this and I noticed in my Google Analytics account several links that were not mine). I contacted BV, they immeidately fixed the issue and changed my password (thank you BV).
    It's been over 2 months now though and my Google traffic is still extremely low. I was getting 180 organic hits per day, give or take. My traffic is still very low, under 40 per day, sometimes under 20. Google did state it may take a while to get me back in their rankings, but I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if anyone has clues in how to get traffic back to where it was. I've worked really hard the past 2 years on genuine content and building my organic traffic only to have it demolished.

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    Jason Stallworth (main/first site)

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    Default Re: Recovering traffic after Hijacked site problem resolved

    Those are the breaks, Jason ... there is no way to "recover" past performance or traffic organically after such a "penalty" from the SE's. It will simply take time ... I would suggest, however, that you update a significant amount of your page Content in order to "score" with new and more refined relevance and thus "create" a newer, more effective niche metric.
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