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    Hi my name is jane and my website is i am having a problem with paypal, I have had no trouble with it before but now the button doesn't show up properly and you can't get through to pay. I haven't changed anything so I am a bit confused. thank you in advance for your help.
    jane clare

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    It's rather difficult to suggest anything but the basics, the surest method to get you back to Square One, I'm afraid ...

    If in fact your saved pages have the BV HTML Boxes with the proper PayPal coding for each button pasted in them still properly positioned in your page layout, then it may simply be a matter of re-publishing those pages.

    If, however, after re-publishing the pages the buttons yet do not "appear" then it may be Paypal has changed some of the coding and you may need to re-visit their site to code them anew. It may also be a symptom of some change or status with your PayPal account, and something again only you can determine and action.

    It is impossible for properly coded and configured buttons to simply "disappear" if they were originally embedded onto your BV page (currently, your Products Pages layout seems to me quite full and without any real spacing or area for a BUY NOW button, so I question if they were actually placed on your page). Since your VIEW CART button is visible in the Left Gutter (it should really be at the top Header area of the page so the code can function properly), it still seems odd there is no apparent room for any BUY NOW buttons under your individual products.

    Check your saved pages (and re-publish if necessary), and check your PayPal account to see if anything has changed (and if your saved buttons are still there).

    * I thought that PayPal has limited availability for AUS and NZ sites (in dealing with the site owner's banks to transfer funds), thus why most seem to use other providers???
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