I operate an orphanage in Mexico. I have been using Paypal as my payment processor for several years. I recently found out that some potential donors have shied away from using Paypal because when they click on the PayPal button and are taken to the default Paypal page, they think they have to have a "membership". I found out that PayPal Pro allows us to accept CC's directly from our website then they do the processing behind the scenes. Their video info makes it look as though we simply create our own themed page then put their coding in the page. After not being able to find any way in which to do this, I contacted PayPal and they informed me that I must have an existing shopping cart through which to retrieve the CC details. So i have been trying to find out where and how to find a shooing cart that will simply allow me to create one page that I receive the payment through. It appears that all want to build an entire site..including SoHo so i am so confused at this point and I am hoping someone can help me with a way to add a very simple webpage that I can create that will follow our existing website's exiting theme. PLEASE HELP!