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Thread: Weird Marquee Issue

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    Question Weird Marquee Issue

    Hi all... My website in question is The top graphic including the marquee is in a lightbox pointing to now... The marquee works perfectly in Firefox and IE, but for some reason it cuts off early in Google Chrome... Is this a known issue, or is there a specific setting I need to update in BV or Google Chrome, or is this just a bug that'll be addressed later on?

    Thanks for any insight anyone can provide.


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    Chrome has had issues of it's own design for some time as it tries to be everything for everyone ..... I used to have "issues" with Chrome with regard to both the Conveyor (seen as a sliding photo strip here) and the Ad Banner Rotator (the slideshow on the same page) before they finally displayed properly -- as if the site had to be indexed a few times before being fully accepted.

    I use Chrome almost exclusively now, but that's only because of the integrated functionality. The only word of advice about Chrome I could offer would be to suggest yours is constantly updated and to maintain a greater degree of patience as the Net evolves.
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