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    Hi Ive been using Voda for about 3 years now gradually learning and developing. On thing I haven't mastered is how to create a page design where the upper part is centred at say 980 pixels wide but the lower third (say) is stretched to full width. An example of this would be
    I noted in one of the other threads that its necessary to buy a template to achieve a page that stretches to full screen whatever the width. That is a pity since I want to tailor my own page design.
    I've tried various experiments but so far without success
    Please could anyone help?

    I think Voda is an absolutely brilliant programme and the support is world class in every depertment. I have built up a very lucrative business from scratch in two years and now an overwhelmed with clients!!

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    The site mentioned is a CMS foundation coded using PHP and CSS, whereas BlueVoda is a W3C compliant HTML generating web builder (meaning this style effect is not possible using BlueVoda).

    If you wish to have something like this "made easy" for you, I would suggest you explore similarly coded platforms like Wordpress or Joomla, both of which can be one-click auto-installed for you via the Fantastico! area in your cPanel.
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    THanks Vasili. Will try that.

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