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Thread: Text With ScrollBar?

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    Hello Guys,
    I am using Bluevoda Web builder, I wish to display content of my my very long text on one webpage. (Please see the attached picture) I'm looking around finding the the tool in bluevoda, but it seems there is no tool like that. Please, help how to do that....I need it! Thank you very much

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    Its called an inline frame, click the below and watch #25.


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    Thanks for the reply. It works, but it seems the styles, the format I wish it to appear does not really appear.
    So, I think it requires html knowledge to make it. Then will just be imported later on...Thanks anyway.

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    If you are using BlueVoda, you can get a section of text that is too long for the space on the page to fit using a text area with a scrollbar as shown singly on this page and shown as using multiples as on this page by using the Text Area feature, which itself becomes an element on the Page without using any iFrame.

    From the BlueVoda Toolbar: INSERT > FORM > TEXT AREA .... then double-click the Text Area to reveal PROPERTIES and to PASTE in your text.

    * Note that the Text Area scrollbar, text, etc. will duplicate the same colors and configuration you have set for the entire Page in PAGE PROPERTIES, and are not independently set. Also keep in mind that you can only insert simple text -- no Bold, Underline, Italics, Hyperlinks, or Symbols -- as the Text Area does not support text formatting, and as such, is not always considered in any SEO valuations (the reason whenever possible it is preferred to have all textual Content to be entirely embedded onto your pages).
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