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Thread: Create 'Click-to-Call' Link?

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    Post Create 'Click-to-Call' Link?

    Hi All,

    Any information on how to create a link in BV to call a phone number from a .mobi website.

    Can anyone help me?

    Here's the site in question

    All the other buttons and links work great but I can't get a "Tap to Call" button to work.


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    Default Re: How to Create a "Tap to Call" Button Link

    Do a Google Search for a pre-configured script that will be compatible universally across any phone OS type.
    If you have any prior experience coding or can follow the HTML5 logic outlined here, you might try writing a script of your own.

    Add that same script (after customized configuration with the number such functionalized traffic is directed to) to your BlueVoda page as you would add any other type of HTML script, as outlined in the Tutorials.
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