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Thread: Publishing 'index' with Form?

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    Default Publishing 'index' with Form?

    I want to use a form on my "Index" Page. Pages with forms require a php designation. Do I publish to index.php?

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    Default Re: Publishing with a form on the index page?

    Yes, but be sure to use lower-case letters only (index.php) and to remember the page extension differences when creating site navigation.

    BTW - Your site is grossly too wide (should be no wider than 984 pixels wide) and still is lacking proper layout standards ... you seem to be trying to do too much on the single Index page, so you may wish to re-consider adding a Form or any more scripting to an already code-heavy page if you wish to preserve both script functionality and page integrity. Just a suggestion ...
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    Default Still no Success - Publising a page with a Form - php - as the "index" Page

    Vasili - I appreciated your input to my question earlier this month "Publishing 'index"' Page with a Form". Unfortunately, when we published the page, as "index.php" and changed the field on the "Page Properties to php, the page did not become the index page. The page works fine if you type in the full url I did view the tutorials several times and found no instructions specific to publishing a page with a "form" to become the index page. What should we try next? Note: We are working on you suggestions re. width of pages and they should be resolved in the near term!

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    Default Re: Still no Success - Publising a page with a Form - php - as the "index" Page

    You have two pages, one called index.php and the old one, index.html. Delete the old "HTML" one from the server and all will work. Children's Ministry resources
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