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    My website is:

    My fonts publish and look fine on most computers, but on others the font changes and doesnt fit. Is there any easy way to somehow make the font an image so it looks the same on all computers?

    I have used the font Pristina, but on some computers it changes it to Arial and is way too big.

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    Default Re: Font Changing on Other Computers

    Web Design 101

    ALWAYS use 'Web Safe Fonts' to assure a universal view across Visitor systems.

    Unless a User has a particular Font previously installed on their computer, it will automatically be substituted with a default font from the User's system Default Font Family perceived to be the most similar, and thus disrupt the web page's originally designed configuration. Also, most browsers now also substitute fonts if they are not 'Web Safe' as they ought be.

    Web Safe Font Styles (PC , MAC, DROID, Linux, and Browser defaulted): Listed in order of system preference.
    Arial (Standard only, not Black, Narrow, or Rounded)

    Lucinda Console
    MS Sans Serif
    Helvetica Standard

    The alternative is to use the Logomaker in BlueVoda to properly format and position [your text] as an image rather than as formatted Text, as LogoMaker will convert it to a GIF automatically, and all images will display without substitution.
    * The only downside to this workaround is that images do not count toward page relevance and overall optimization valuation remotely as hard-formatted textual Content does, so it is not an effective solution to formatting page content whereas it may be useful for Headers, Logos, headlines, Buttons (links), etc.
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