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Thread: SEO: different city pages?

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    Default SEO: different city pages?

    I hope I explain this well enough...I would like my website ( to reach several "outside" cities in my area (madison, decatur, guntersville, etc). I have these cities listed in my meta tag searches but when you do a google search for granite in decatur my website doesn't come up at all - only in the city of Huntsville. Is there any way to create an index page for EACH specific city. If so, what do I name the pages?

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    Keep in mind, all META information (Keywords, Description, Page titles, etc.) need all reflect continuity of relevance that is anchored in Page Content. If "stuffed" without being achored, only the foremost value will remain cached for Results by the SE's, and the site itself may languish in penalty unseen by you.

    You might be able to grasp the larger concept by reviewing this thread especially, as it should help to lay the logical foundation for your similar situation >
    Please note that the specific "live" examples I provided in the original thread are in the process of being re-published due to an un-disclosed server issue ... the sites should all be back up by Sept. 16th or thereabouts.

    Also, you may wish to include in your learning overview the following thread to better understand the nuances between Net Protocol and optimal SEO >
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