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Thread: How to add H-Tags?

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    Default How to add H-Tags?

    How do I get H1 tags to appear inthe code generated by Bluevoda. I viewed the source the page I developed and there are no Hi, H2, or H3 tags. So I went back to Bluevoda to try to figure out how to apply them, but am at a loss.

    Any ideas?

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    Default Re: How to add H-Tags?

    FIRST? ... FORUM DECORUM > How to ask for assistance

    Ideas? Yes ... they are easily found in these Forums via a simple Search for all those that make the effort.

    Review the Following > SEO TIP: Proper H-Meta Development & Techniques

    Once published, you can always manually add META to the file directly by using the CODE EDITOR Tool found in FILE MANAGER in your cPanel (if you have the minimal coding experience). Of course, your page needs be published first to a VodaHost server to be un-encrypted and for clean HTML to be generated ... attempting to publish a page elsewhere using page code copied via Page Source in PREVIEW will result in dysfunctional code and unusable scripted elements.

    Just some of the basic ideas that may be of help ...
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