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Thread: Unknown files on desktop after installing BlueVoda

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    Default Unknown files on desktop after installing BlueVoda

    Since I had not installed BlueVoda as yet on my new computer (the last update was prior to having this computer) I have re-installed it on my current PC. However, after succesfully installing BlueVoda I not only see the icon to open BlueVoda, but also the following:
    hosting (seems to be a shortcut)
    irunin (twice on desktop with different icon: one time a .dat file and one time an .xml file)


    Especially the ones I highlighted in red are new to me. Are those files are trustworthy (I would assume they are since they come from a reliable source, but I have no idea what they are for and why they have icons on my desktop) and can I move those all in 1 BlueVoda folder or should they remain at current location to be able to function properly?
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    Default Re: Unknown files on desktop after installing BlueVoda

    After four years of pestering these Forums with verbose and unrepentant posts you cannot Search them to find the solution or a "Sticky" with Tips on how to troubleshoot installing BlueVoda??
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