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Thread: Publishing file by file in BV12

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    Post Publishing file by file in BV12

    Please try to assist me with the following problem :

    I'm using BV12 and I have a few files in .bvp format which I intend to add to
    my site. For this it should be useful to upload only these pages, in order to
    publish them to BlueVoda server,
    but in BV12, publishing is possible only for
    all the files or (changed, .html, etc).

    Using Blue FTP is for other type files (.zip, .pdf, .doc, ex) but not for those in
    .bvp format
    which must be converted.

    How may I upload only a few files, in bvp format, page by page, using BV12 ? (uploading
    page by page
    was possible in the previous versions, before BV12).

    Thank you,

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    Default Re: Publishing file by file in BV12

    All of your published bvp files are automatically backed-up on your server; check and see. Children's Ministry resources
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    Default Re: Publishing file by file in BV12

    Please pay attention !

    I didn't publish yet these files, and accordingly they don't appear on the server.
    My problem is how to publish these .bvp files, one by one.

    Thank you,

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    1. The files must first be SAVED to the default folder within BlueVoda for 'fixing' of the code and file type (.bvp).

    The .bvp files must be opened in BlueVoda, and then using the PUBLISH icon or text command in the Toolbar only, you need to Publish them singly to a VodaHost Server only so they can be un-encrypted and converted from a .bvp format into functional HTML.

    . This can only be done during the Publishing process only by a VodaHost server (you cannot simply "upload" them to any server -- including a VodaHost server -- and expect them to be functional without being un-encrypted and re-formatted - you must use the PUBLISH command or icon from within BlueVoda) using the Publish Dialog to select the proper server IP your hosting account has been assigned, your valid User name and valid Password.

    4. In the Publish Dialog under "Files" be sure to select 'Publish All Files' using the drop-down selection box to assure all page elements and attributes are published, whether or not they have been updated -- giving a more surer publishing process in case there is a connection glitch or a forgotten asset that will be corrected by the complete "over-writes" due to everything being published completely each and every time as if new.

    If you attempt to Publish without proper credentials, you will be prompted to either purchase hosting (required), or re-confirm your ID.

    BlueVoda pages must be Published one at a time only for each page to properly be converted to functional HTML: there is no possible way to publish multiple BlueVoda pages at a single Publish session.

    These steps are outlined in detail in the Tutorial provided, and it is recommended that you review them until you are capable of following them precisely for predictable results. If you encounter additional difficulties, you may contact Support for additional assistance as needed.

    Per Forum Rules, you must not create duplicate threads or depart from Decorum with posts unbecoming or non-contributory, lest your Forum privileges be subject to modification. Rules clearly state that posts can be moved (usually to the proper Forum), edited, deleted, or otherwise modified without warning or explanation.

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    TUTORIAL: How To Publish Your BlueVoda Pages

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