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    I am currently designing sample sites for my business at and have designed a few samle sites which have custom text. When this is brought up on a PC it displays perfectly as how it is supposed to but on a Mac its converted to simple text. I have fiddled with all the setting with Bluevoda properties and it doesnt make a difference. The page i am refering to is at: If it is viewed on a PC it is fine its only when its on a mac that it doesnt. How can I rectify this?



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    Default Re: Web Fonts displaying as simple text on ***** Mac but correctly on PC

    It's not a pc or mac thing, it's that you are using a custom font that will only display correctly on computers that have that font installed. Your pc does, mine doesn't so it replaces Corporate HQ with good ol' Arial. On BV12 the text tool will show only the "web safe" fonts (there may be a setting for this, I can't remember)--use a web safe font. Even at that, I find that Arial Black doesn't display properly on my iPad.

    More Here >> Web Safe Fonts Children's Ministry resources
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