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Thread: How do I use cPanel with a 2nd domain (not an add on)

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    Default How do I use cPanel with a 2nd domain (not an add on)

    I have purchased web hosting and successfully uploaded a site. I have purchased another domain name and want to launch a 2nd website. Is there a way to switch accounts on my cPanel from the "main domain" to a second domain or even more since it is advertised as unlimited. I would appreciate any assistance, thank you.

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    Default Re: How do I use cPanel with a 2nd domain (not an add on)

    One cPanel per hosting account, for as many Domains you wish to be hosted within that single hosting account (as Add-On Domains), and only one Domain associated as Primary for that account.

    You would have to purchase another hosting account to have another separate cPanel for your "new" Domain.

    * By asking this question in this manner, you indicate you do not yet understand how Hosting, Add-On Domains, and even cPanel itself works and is structured ... I would suggest you review many of the Threads in these Forums to pick up on any pratfalls others have experienced in order to avoid them, and to become intimately familiar with the cPanel operations, tools, and methods. It would be to your advantage entirely!

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    > TUTORIAL: How To Create an Add-On Domain in cPanel (an Add-On Domain is not a Sub-Domain)
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