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Thread: Opt Out Link in Newsletters

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    Hey Everyone and Happy Halloween!

    I am trying to figure out how I get the "opt out" link into my regular E Newsletter campaigns.. as it doesn't automatically put it in. It would be nice to have them able to "opt out" with a link!


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    Always refer to the Official Soholaunch Users Manual ... there is no regular support for Soholaunch in these Forums.

    "Opt Out Email Subscription Setting in Soholaunch" >>
    As described in the Manual, this is still a manual process on your part (you are informed of the email address opting out, and must "approve" it manually). The 'auto-opt' method you describe requires the integration of at least 2 Databases (1. the Soho Mail Distribution List; 2. a DB configured to receive the instruction and then perform the operation to the Distribution DB), which may or may not be something you are up to configuring within Soholaunch -- the Manual indicates there is this ability built-in.

    * Don't simply give up or give in!
    Since the Manual Method allows you to receive a 'Opt-Out Request' to action, using the greater perspective of Customer Service and Business Dynamics, you may wish to use this Request as a 'Contact Opportunity' with your Subscriber (at least the protocol to 'verify' as the compelling reason to re-contact): either as a Quality Performance survey, a Special Offer with invitation to remain subscribed, or even to ask for specifics to help you refine your Content, methods, or overall offerings. Customers who are dis-satisfied or removing themselves if approached more often than not provide the best insight to use to improve and grow in areas previously you may be blind to seeing clearly ....
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