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Thread: Abilty to Post a Listing through a Login

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    Default Abilty to Post a Listing through a Login

    I am building a website in BV which rents specialty tools.People who own the tools can post them on my web site where people who want torent the tools can rent them. I am looking to have people who have tools forrent the ability to sign in and complete a form which also attaches pictures(this form is already built) once the form is complete and submitted is it possible for them to post their listingon my site? I see there are Login tools in BV but can this be done in BV? This is the last big obstacle I am looking toovercome before publishing the site. I don't know if this most likely can be done by building a page which lists tools for rent and extracting information from the data base built from forms completed through the logins? If so, how??? Thank you

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    Default Re: Abilty to Post a Listing through a Login

    No, this is not something you can do using BlueVoda. You would be better off doing a Google Search for a "Classifieds Script" that both fulfills your requirements and is one that you can install yourself to your VodaHost Hosting Account.

    To make it a lot easier, since VodaHost offers auto-installation of Wordpress, you may start by looking for a "Classifieds Plugin" for Wordpress that you can easily add to your Fantastico installed Wordpress. Just a suggestion ....
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