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Thread: Cant find us on google? Any idea why?

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    Default Cant find us on google? Any idea why?

    Hi all,
    The website has been up a month but still cant find us on Google, any idea why this might be?

    site is

    Thanks for looking :)


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    Default Re: Cant find us on google? Any idea why?

    Have you submitted it to Google or done any SEO work? Click the below...


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    Default Google Ranking...I just dont show up...any ideas?

    Hi all,

    Designed this site for a client a while back and thought Id done everything needed to show on Google but i just cant find it.
    Any ideas as to why this might be?

    Kind regards

    Andy Benn

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    Lightbulb Re: Google Ranking...I just dont show up...any ideas?

    THERE IS ALWAYS some degree of issue, however, with localized Domains (;; etc.) as opposed to strictly ".com" Domains, in that they are localized (most say 'trapped') on Local Search Hubs primarily, and then only indexed according to locally established relevance rather than indexed on the WWW as a whole (a much lesser priority than as ".com" Domain) --- as they should, as this is precisely why localized Domains were created, so to narrow the "share" for websites to serve more effectively: a British Mechanic is more inclined to show up to British Customers using particular vernacular and terminology than would an American Mechanic, yes?. And then, there is the logic for local Domains supporting particular foreign language versions, or characters (foreign means anything other than American English, the official language of the Net and computers in general) and combined with local Relevance established using these unique elements, be able to better serve Search Clients with native results. For the British Mechanic serving a particular British locale, it is more preferred he use a "" Domain on a well-crafted website using sound and precise optimization in order to actually reach and better serve his potential local British clients.

    This local indexing may or may not be significantly noticeable (depending on the genre and Build of the site), but the hierarchy (and importance of these 'performance' distinctions) with regard to SERP (Search Engine Results Page) Position and overall ranking does remain despite the compelling efforts to overcome them.

    Without the expected Build and Relevance metrics compliance efforts in place as a minimum threshold, even a localized Domain will flounder on a local index and never hope to rise upon attributed Relevance to the WWW indexing. This is what separates one website from another (unique Content, established Relevance, acceptable Build, Optimization methods, etc.), and it is simply more critical when dealing with localized Domains.

    But, you knew this when you made your reasoned choice of Domain names, yes?

    * Need to check this account to see if it is a Reseller account, of if this is in fact a personal hosting plan is being improperly 'resold' in violation of Terms .....
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