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Thread: New WordPress shows old site

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    Default New WordPress shows old site

    Here is my problem. I have just requested a "complete reset" and it was successful. I loaded Wordpress via Fantastico.. I uploaded a Wordpress theme and activated it. When I type in, my old orange site comes up, not the black WordPress theme.

    When I type in the new site appears... I thought that the reset fixed that as well. Please tell me what I need to do to make the WordPress site open up when they type in

    I'm sorry for such a crazy question, but I have been reading the forum for about 5 hours now.

    Thank you so much in advance.

    Very Sincerely & Appreciative,

    Charles Boozer
    Father and Entrepreneur!

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    Default Re: Move WordPress site to existing domain name?

    Your own browser is caching - your browser's cache and Temp files need to be cleaned up so the new page will load: I used the link and got the Wordpress site just fine, although once on the site, the "www." is missing from the URL in the browser addressbar ....

    The "www" being missing in the URL has nothing to do with your account being reset or the fact you loaded Wordpress upon the Root Directory ... but everything to do with how you created that Sub-Domain originally and which selection you made from the Directory Drop-Down Selection Menu in Fantastico.

    Contact Support for assistance with this issue.

    * UNLESS you are improperly using a re-direct (either a 301 re-direct, or a Domain Forwarding) in order to obfuscate your overlapping web "developments" that are potentially risking SE sanctions due to Interlinking within a single Hosting Account (a shared IP). If this is the case, you would do best to remove all re-direction and Interlinking, and devolve your developments to universal standards.

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